Before you drink, what is it?

Hey guys,

A while back, BVElixirs (my mobile Bar Company) was serving drinks at an event. Now usually there’s a menu displayed on the bar with ingredients of every cocktail we serve but for some reason, I guess this guy didn’t see it.
He said “Give me a mojito”
“OK Sir!”

I watched as one of the bartenders started to make this cocktail and then soon as he reached for the Rum (Brand name withheld), this guest starts to scream at him and all of us really about how he doesn’t drink rum and when his mojitos are made, it’s never with rum.
Now, it was my immediate thought to laugh in his face but we know better at BVElixirs, the customer is always right(ish) plus customer care is very key.
Long story short, he knows what goes in a mojito now and admits he drinks rum (we had to show him the ingredients off google to convince him).
This evidently inspired this post and a couple more to come. Like really though, DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DRINKING?
We have to agree, the variety of alcohol types, different brands, and mixing ingredients or mixers is sometimes (MOSTLY if we want to be completely honest) overwhelming.
Sipandshots is here to make it easy for you to gain a clear understanding of each type of alcohol and mixer by breaking them down to their basic classes: Spirits, Liqueurs, Wines & Champagnes, Beers, and Mixers.


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