Budget Bartender?

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Entering the world of home bartending can seem expensive and intimidating. Before you even start mixing your very first drink, it seems like you have to stock up on different sets of glassware, shakers, jiggers, strainers, and all kinds of esoteric stuff that people say you need if you want to make “real” cocktails. Well, as your friend (I think we are by now), I’ll have you know that hardly any of it is really necessary.

The Secret: the most important thing about bartending, at home or professionally, is the final product.
It seems obvious, but all that matters is finding something that’ll get the job done, all of which you already (most likely) have in your kitchen.

The jigger, shaker, bar spoon and muddler are probably the tools you’ll almost always need, besides the strainer. The strainer (not pictured) is pretty easy to substitute. Use a perforated spoon or drain cocktail into glass with the cover slightly open (using your mason jar).

I would love to help you become your own bartender (I’m nice like that), so don’t let the mountain of “necessary” equipment stop you. There’s always a way to make the drink you want, and sometimes it tastes even better with your DIY flair.

Let me know what you make this weekend.



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